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Advent is an established and regulated expert provider of a broad range of services to the insurance industry. Advent delivers operational, logistical, regulatory and administrative support and guidance to companies across the delegated authority underwriting spectrum.

Since its foundation in 2000, Advent has helped clients in the delegated underwriting market go from strength to strength. These services have now been extended internationally to support the global delegated underwriting market.

The market is facing unprecedented challenges. Lloyd’s has introduced Minimum Standards across many functions including underwriting, claims, conduct and reporting. The Financial Conduct Authority requirement for greater scrutiny of conduct risk has significant administrative and potentially financial implications. The implementation of Solvency II in January 2016 will bring additional requirements for insurers and Managing Agents.

Combine these regulatory requirements with an ever-growing need to increase efficiency, improve underlying data and demonstrate control, businesses must quickly adapt or risk falling behind.

In a highly regulated environment such as insurance, business should make a virtue out of regulation. But can you embrace regulation and reduce cost? At Advent, we believe you can. Our products and services have been developed specifically with that objective for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our collective strengths as a regulated entity with proprietary IT platforms, expert consulting capabilities and a proven track record in the insurance industry mean that Advent is uniquely placed to quickly grasp your business challenges and implement tailored solutions.

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