Underwriting capacity

Securing and maintaining underwriting facilities, for both start-up and existing MGAs, can be a frustrating business.

Not only can Advent, through our extensive market knowledge and contacts, access suitable Insurer partners but via our sister Group companies, we can also offer Clients our own specialist underwriting capacity.

These Group companies are fully authorised by the respective Country regulators – in Malta and Ireland - in accordance with EU statutory requirements with passporting rights throughout the EU/EEA.

Additionally, the Malta Insurer - as a Protected Cell Company - offers the capability to self-insure all, or part of, a particular portfolio through a dedicated Cell thereby enabling the Cell owner (an MGA, for example) to enhance earnings by participating in the underwriting profit.

  • Specialist underwriting capacity and partnerships for MGAs
  • Provided by member companies of the Advent Insurance Group:
    • Advent Insurance DAC in Malta offering both capacity through its Core and own-insurance facilities through dedicated Protected Cells. Licensed for all classes of general insurance business
    • Advent Insurance Limited in Ireland offering own-account facilities (primarily for North American Clients but also available for UK/EU business)
  • Authorised and regulated respectively by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI)
  • Direct writing capability into the UK and all EU/EEA territories
  • Fully capitalised in accordance with EU statutory requirements and Solvency II compliant
  • Protected cell self-insurance and customer-insurance facilities
  • Fronting for EU risk programmes
  • Underwriting capacity for specific blocks of business – specialist lines, schemes, affinity programmes, run-off portfolios etc.
  • Provision of capital to support self-insurance and other innovative propositions

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